Dear Students and Guardians,

As principal of Maple Grove Junior/ Senior High School, I say with the utmost sincerity, that I am so excited to welcome all of you back for the 2020-2021 school year! The path to get us here was not easy for any of us as we begin the year in an atypical fashion. However, each and every single one of our staff members are eagerly doing their part to ensure this school year is nothing short of both fun and engaging for all students. The last thing our teachers and administrators want is for the education of students to go by the wayside, as we firmly believe their academic needs should always come first.

The path to student success this year is driven by communication, cooperation, and the will to do what is necessary. The relationships and partnerships between students, teachers, and parents are more important than ever as we collectively work through these challenging times together. Being able to openly discuss what is an issue and what is working for a child during this time will allow us to fix what is problematic and encourage the tactics that will keep students safe, enthused, and engaged as classes progress. My door as principal, and the doors of our school’s teachers, are always open to anyone who is willing to work and communicate with us to achieve the goals we have set for this year.

Alongside student academics, we are also making sure this school year prioritizes the safety and health of both children and staff. We know that sending your child off to school can not be easy for many parents as we battle the pandemic. However, the plan we have created and worked nonstop all summer on provides students with a safe learning environment. Children deserve to have a sense of security as they attend classes and walk through the halls of our school. This is why every precaution is being taken in order to keep the school clean and its residents healthy. I am looking forward to an amazing school year with each and everyone of you as we pave the way for our students’ success here at Maple Grove!


Mrs. Julie Verdonik
Maple Grove Junior/ Senior High School